Witch burning – are we still afraid to use intuition?

At the same time the printing press entered Europe, people began being burned at he stake for saying and doing things that couldn’t be proven logically, among other reasons. Rational printed thought prevailed, “where is it written?” would be asked when an assertion was made, “where is the research?”PrintingPress

Wisdom from hunches and gut feel, often associated with women’s ways diminished in value. Referred to old wives tales, or voices from the devil, people refrained from chancing a pronouncement that arrived from their intuition because they may lose face and/or their life. The logic-centered ruling class’s influence on the populace shaped popular opinion about intuition and this has prevailed for 500 years.

Cyndi Burnett, from the International Center for Studies in Creativity, is pursuing a doctorate on the subject of using deliberate intuition in the creative problem solving process, calling it another sense, like taste, touch, feel, etc. Management and leadership literature report that many C level execs use intuition to make important decisions and yet, their requirements of others often follow “in god we trust, all others must have data.”

Strong support of using intuition is coming from other fields of study as well. Is the populace ready for this? Will hunches become trustworthy in the future? Will leaders who use it be followed, questioned, or burned at the stake? I wonder.

With so many changes on the horizon and because we’ve never been where we’re going, we’ll be making up solutions that will influence our future. As we have no direct past frame of reference to rely on we may need to call more upon the 6th sense as a viable one.  What would happen if we did?

Many are weary of those who chance a gut feel decision or act on a hunch. Yet, these are identified with some leadership capabilities.  I wonder what the happy medium will be moving forward.

Your thoughts?

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4 Responses to Witch burning – are we still afraid to use intuition?

  1. Franis Engel says:

    The new paradigm will be “operacy.” This is a new word coined to sit beside literacy and numeracy. Logic will still be the acid test of effectiveness, but how people get there is already a whole new ball of wax.

    Not sure why Edward de Bono’s thinking skills haven’t already been adopted in US schools. Bureaucrazies are the last to get the news and do anything about it. This guy talks about the historic limitations of what he calls “The Gang of Three.”

    You’re absolutely right though. Creativity is threatening. What threatening chaos will happen if we actually TEACH people to THINK FOR THEMSELVES?

    • marcisegal says:

      de Bono’s work was adopted in Argentina. In the States I’ve a feeling that there are many competitors looking for that position. World Future Problem Solving, Destination Imagination are two I can think of off the top of my head.

      Operacy is an interesting concept. I may be limited in my understanding, does it only relate to the Six Thinking Hats thinking directions? The International Center for Studies in Creativity have developed a thinking skills model of creative problem solving, which I believe takes de Bono’s work a little deeper. Watch for an upcoming post with the model for their approach.

      About people thinking for themselves, I wonder. What might the world be like if this were in place? How might it be different from how it is now?

      Conditions are changing so fast and furiously that new thinking is required daily in all facets of life: business, education, health care, etc. The integration of technology in so many aspects of our lives is altering everything, and, I truly believe that many are being influenced to make a difference, daily, to adapt, to shape the future, and to renew.

  2. Thanks for great post! I just wanted to point out that the world has praised the logical thinking since Plato.

    • marcisegal says:

      Yes, very true. Have you read Leonard Shlain’s book, the Alphabet vs. the Goddess? Demonstrates through eras and cultures the effect of valuing sequential abstract logic over holistic gestalt concreteness. Brought us to where we are today. It’s a great read. Highly recommend it.

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