Columbia management professor sees light in dark moods for creativity

Modupe Akinola, management professor at the Columbia Business School, has a particular interest in the effect of moods on creativity.  Her research shows that negative moods have a positive effect on artistic creativity.

Would such be the same for creativity in business? Do negative moods enhance your creativity at work? Does creative output from being in a negative mood surpass output from a positive one? What are your feelings, thoughts, experiences?

For further info “The Dark Side of Creativity: Biological Vulnerability and Negative Emotions Lead to Greater Artistic Creativity” from Columbia’s ideas@work.

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2 Responses to Columbia management professor sees light in dark moods for creativity

  1. slamdunk says:

    My guess is no–creativity is not enhanced by my dark mood, but I am open to argument.

    • marcisegal says:

      Ruth Noller, my professor at the International Center for Studies in Creativity, wrote that creativity is a function of attitude on knowledge + imagination + evaluation (her background was in math). I wonder what the creative output and experiential difference would be with a negative attitude or mood, vis a vis a positive one.

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