Flying Cars Exist. What’s next, eh?

Just saw this in the NY Times.

Wonder, what your first, second and third top of mind thoughts are when you see this. After we’ve got 12 – 15 comments, I’ll share my thinking with you about why this is an important survey to respond to. The video is 3 minutes.

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1 Response to Flying Cars Exist. What’s next, eh?

  1. Rich Rosen says:

    As an aviation enthusiast I have mixed feelings on the flying automobile. On the one hand, I think it would be a hoot to fly this machine. BUT, that would only be in the hands of a licensed pilot, under calm weather conditions, and in daylight.
    On the other hand, it frightens me to think that this flying auto could be bought by anyone who could afford it, regardless of flying or driving ability.
    Sort of gives a new, deadly reality to having a “fender-bender”.
    I can see it now……folks flying and texting at the same time Buyer beware!!

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