Did You Know…why creativity is important for leaders and managers

Organizations that win/create the future are rebels and subversives. They break rules, they cheat. (Gary Hamel, Competing for the Future, 1994). They use creative thinking processes and behaviors to invent exciting futures that are not extrapolations from the past.

These three videos peak at what is happening outside of your pc, your household, your company, your country. As you watch, think ‘this is’ instead of evaluating whether the news is good or bad.  Watch, learn and question.  Let these inspire your hunger for new ideas and encourage you to make new decisions. Some material is repeated in each, so, to make best use of your time, why not select one to watch for new insights?

In the second video there is one clip that particularly caught my attention: the number of gigabytes needed for a DVD movie compared to a blue ray DVD,  projected forward in time to the point that people born in 2020 won’t know what a DVD is. What does your business need to do to adapt?

This third video addresses the issue of human capital – the integration of people and technology.

Recognizing the shifts happening is a first step to cracking open new thinking to give space for new ideas and new decisions in your organization. What was is not what will be. The second step is to brush up on your creative thinking skills to bolster resilience for the new challenges on the horizon.

Remember, creativity can occur without innovation; innovation cannot occur without creativity.

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