Six Annotated Creativity Links 4U

There’s great stuff all over the web that give you creativity tips, tools, tricks and techniques. There are other ones that shed insight into rationale, basic thinking and attitudes for being at your creative best.

The links come from the Huffington Post article (below) that appeared this week. I’ve selected the best ones for your quick reference. What’s missing from their list?  Let me know. I’ll provide another annotated creativity links list with your recommendations next month.

  • Huffington Post, blogger/columnist Shelley Carson research psychologist and lecturer at Harvard University. Gives you the rationale about why creativity is important and offers a tip to keep you fresh. Creativity in the 21st Century.
  • Free Management Library positions creativity as important in strategic planning and product and service management.  It provides a repository of links to specific topics including tools, including brainstorming, creativity in adulthood, the creative mind and more.  A great website when you feel like taking a trip down Alice in Wonderland’s rabbit hole having great insights along the way. Creative Thinking.
  • I’m suggesting Newsweek’s recent article called, How Creative Are You? not so you should take the test, only to see one approach taken to measure creativity in terms of the nature of ideas people generate in four categories: ideational fluency, flexibility, originality and elaboration.
  • My favourite, and it’s not in the Huff Post article, is Charles Cave’s wiki of creativity techniques.  It’s a one-stop shop selection site for tools, tips, and techniques.

One quick note – I discovered one glaring oversight throughout these links. They fail to account for individual differences, as if all techniques are equally inspiring for everyone.  The work I’ve done using psychological type in combination with creativity shows that some techniques work better for some people and not for others.  Are you interested in knowing my findings?

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2 Responses to Six Annotated Creativity Links 4U

  1. B. Tracy Madison says:

    Lazy language in describing creative thinking (i.e. ideation) indicates a singular lack of creativity.

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