Cave drawings engage people in meetings – visual thinking

Want more creative thinking at your meetings?  Go tribal.

Yes, not only are we moving towards using music to enliven meetings to create new ideas and new decisions, we are also returning to the wisdom our ancestors to use pictures to enhance the words.  Fascinating that as life gets more complex, the more we return to our predecessor’s roots to engage the human spirit.  What it takes to to break free new thinking to create exciting new futures, eh?

From Grove Consulting:

When people work visually they have better ideas, make better decisions, and are more committed to producing  results. A twenty-first century guide to using the latest visual thinking techniques with your groups and teams, Visual Meetings gives you a bounty of tools and tricks to unlock creativity, collaboration, and breakthrough thinking.

David Sibbet, a world leader in the area of graphic facilitation and visual thinking, unveils the alchemy of designing and conducting memorable meetings that get results. With more than 40 years of experience successfully incorporating visuals in meetings of all kinds, Sibbet reveals the practices, tips, and tricks that can turn business meetings into creative and productive events.

You can download the table of contents and a sample chapter from this new book here.

I wonder what else we used to do as a preliterate species that will enter into a meeting near you that will fully engage the human spirit – and, what it will take to use these practices with confidence.

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