Icon for Brain Health based on Altzheimer’s, Huh?

From Healthcare Design Magazine


What happens when a philanthropist, a star architect, and a world-class medical center agree on a mission? The result would be something quite possibly looking and functioning like the Lou Ruvo Center for Brain Health.
It’s the latest addition to the unique world of Las Vegas, Nevada, architecture-except this structure has a more personal meaning than most: It’s the $80-million expression of a man’s grief for his father, victimized by Alzheimer’s disease 16 years ago. Nevada beverage tycoon Larry Ruvo remembers the years of confusion caused by Lou Ruvo’s early symptoms of the disease-the surprise at lost memories, the shock during initial doctor visits of seeing others more fully advanced in the disease, his mother’s eventually crippling efforts providing care for her husband. “I didn’t want to see my family or friends ever go through what we went through,” says Ruvo.

So here’s what I don’t get.  “I didn’t want to see my family or friends ever go through what we went through,” and yet, visitors and patients of the clinic will be walking through the doors of a building that looks confusing, like it’s collapsing.

Inside the feel is quite different..  maybe that’s the point.


Full article with more photos

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