Going to London UK? Augmented reality app to time travel while you are there

Augmented reality is coming to a tube station near you. Imagine the ideation sessions you can have while on a tour of the city!  New ideas, new decisions – here’s proof of a doorway opening for exciting new futures.

What I really like about this is the stimulation for new thinking.  You’ve got the present in front of you live, can see into the past using augmented reality, and then, using your imagination, can jump forward into the future.  Likely there’ll be an app for that too one day.

Oh, the potentials and possibilities for augmented reality are limitless.  See below for a link to the augmented reality mag released yesterday in Europe.  Where else might you see augmented reality emerge? Healthcare, education, AR eyeglasses…

From BuzzBeast

260The Museum of London released a free iPhone app called Streetmuseum in May 2010 which incorporates their extensive art and photographic collections with augmented reality. According to the museum, the application provides users a window through time.

The app leads users to various locations around London using either the map or GPS. Once there, they click the “3D View” button, and the app  recognizes the location and overlays the historical photograph over the live video feed of the real world. It gives a brief glimpse into how the past looked – just like in the image above.

This app allows the present and the past to collide and share their secrets. Streetmuseum opens up the city in new and exciting ways. The launch of the Streetmuseum app is an exciting development for the Museum of London.” – Jack Lohman, Director of the Museum of London.

Agumented reality magazine

Hey, have you seen the augmented reality magazine launched yesterday? Take a look.

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