Elitism in Creative Class literature. Help or hinder creativity?

The Martin Prosperity Institute is redefining society into three classes: Creative, Service and Working.  This graphic shows their percentage representation in Toronto.

Their classification does not support the notion that all people have creative ability or are creative. This troubles me.



  • Service and Working Classes are asked to use their creativity at work, they can easily say, “I’m not creative.”
  • Dan Pink‘s voice of others’ work on welcoming people to generate new ideas and make new decisions by paying attention to the affect that influences this kind of thinking may not be encouraged to treat Service and Working Class people with regard to their feelings of satisfaction.
  • Support for creativity will only be given to people occupying positions who belong to the Creative Class.
  • The education of children among Service and Working Class members may be receive less encouragement to develop their talents and creative thinking capabilities due to geography. Educational focus may be influenced by the neighbourhoods highlighted below.

borderless_class_map_660My questions:

  1. Does recognizing a Creative Class in society help or hinder creativity diffusion; it’s spread, it’s support, and it’s use?
  2. Shouldn’t all people have confidence, comfort, commitment and competence in generating new ideas and making new decisions to create satisfying new futures?
  3. How might this class distinction influence the role and services of Creativity Professionals?

i-am-creative-iconsWorld Creativity and Innovation Week (WCIW)  April 15 – 21 is a time for everyone to bring their creativity into the spotlight; to use new ideas and make new decisions that make the world and their experience in it a bit more satisfying, without causing harm.  Ignore that the Martin Prosperity Institute is advocating that creativity exists among certain classes… What might you do during WCIW in 2011 make the world a better place and to make your place in the world better too?

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