New ideas rejected due to time-zone lag, a quick fix.

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Have you ever experienced jet lag?

Jet lag occurs because your body’s cycle, it’s circadian rhythm, is thrown off course.  You experience daylight and darkness at different times than what you are used to and this disrupts your natural times for eating, sleeping, hormone regulation and body temperature variations. Your body is out of alignment with the new environment and can’t immediately adjust to the new location’s rhythm.

How do you know if you are jet-lagged?  The common symptoms are headaches, insomnia and fatigue, disorientation and irritability, grogginess, mild depression, constipation and/or diarrhea.

Have you experienced Time-zone lag?

Time-zone lag (TZL)  occurs when new ideas are rejected. New ideas hold promise for a different future. A person who says no a new idea shows a preference for continuing on a path set in the past rather than welcome creating a new one. Creating a new path requires mental and physical effort, focused attention and new decisions that disrupt established natural rhythms.  Saying no is a protective response to make sure things continue to run smoothly within established boundaries.

You know you are experiencing TZL when you hear people use idea-killing statements such as, “we’ve tried that before”, “it will cost too much money”, “you want to do what????” Symptoms include feeling rejected and discouraged, insecure, confused, irritable and angry, disappointed, frustrated, mildly depressed, lonely, worthless.

Time-zone lag interferes with innovation

Experience shows that when people feel TZL  they are less likely to be open to or contribute new ideas. A remedy is needed. Innovation and creativity are rising in popularity as business skills to get new ideas and make new decisions to chart new courses of action and achieve results.

Quick fix for Time-zone lag

Totally eliminating TZL takes time, let’s face it. Use this short-term remedy to help reduce its hold.

When presenting new ideas visit each time zone to make it easier for your idea to be accepted.

  1. Talk about its past – what occurred before, earlier conditions
  2. Bring it to the present – what is happening now, current conditions
  3. Position it with future possibilities – what trends are emerging, future conditions
  4. Energize it with a vision – what transformation potential does it hold, unique unparalleled conditions

New ideas and new decisions are required for cracking open new thinking to create the future.  Use the TZL remedy to facilitate others’ safe journeys into the next new world and to increase the likelihood of hearing a ‘yes’.

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