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The 10-minute new idea pitch: 20 questions

When pitching a new idea you want to make sure to hit the target’s sweet spot smooth and fast. Here’s a simple formula to use. Use the first two minutes to highlight the problem you are solving Highlight the implications … Continue reading

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Can Science Determine Human Values? Sam Harris.

Well worth the view. Sit back, relax, open your mind and be prepared for a new way of understanding.  It’ll help free your thinking to allow you to create a new future. Sam Harris shares the science behind morality.  Fascinating.  … Continue reading

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Creativity tip: Extend your point of view

See from all angles to discover new avenues for clarity, new ideas, new decisions, learning… have patience to extend your curiosity… What’s on top? Behind? Next? Underneath? Photos taken at First Nation Museum, Smokin’ Joes, Sanborn, NY.

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Mindsets for enhanced creativity

When engaging your creativity deliberately there’s a general rule of thumb: It’s not about finding the right answer, it’s about exploring the unknown to arrive at new ones. The journey can be chaotic for sure, so here are a few … Continue reading

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