Stuck on solving a problem? Magnify enthusiam.

Sometimes what always works doesn’t work anymore.  Know what I mean?

You go about your day-to-day activities quite successfully, then boom, nothing. Nada. Even the most simple of solutions elude you.  What to do?  There’s help!

Instead of asking: What’s the biggest problem here? use, What possibilities exist?

Instead of asking: Why am I such a loser? use, What’s the smallest change that could make the biggest impact?

Instead of asking: Why don’t you live up to your responsibilities, use, What’s a solution that would have us both win?

Instead of asking: Why do we still have problems, use, What are we doing right?  And how do we do more of it?

A simple shift in your problem-solving pattern can yield fascinating and rewarding results.

Magnify enthusiasm.  Great mantra for 2011, no?  May this new year bring you more of what you love, and, if it doesn’t exist anymore, may you find a new passion to pursue.

Happy New Year

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