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It’s day 4 of World Creativity and Innovation Week 2011.  Have you seen all the events we know about that are happening all over the planet? You’ll see large and small, individual and group.  Some are free.  Great variety, no?

WCIW touches everyone in someway – it’s purpose is to prepare people for the innovations to come – the ones you invent, and the one’s others will put forward to make the world a better place.

You’ve undertaken a personal journey through this week to explore ways to improve and or change what is, and transform it into what it could be.  Travelling from the present to the future, in mind-expanding ways, using a form of creative problem solving based on using the creativity two-step and different kinds of thinking in several stages.

You’ve identified a focus for action, and have committed to creating a new path – maybe one that no one else has taken before.  All this took three steps to get to where we are now –  Step IV.

Mindset going in…

By the end of this stage of the process you’ll be amazed, delighted and finally satisfied that your dreams of a better more meaningful life are about to come true.  As a result of paying attention to your heart and mind, you’ll choose one particular direction to move forward toward, realizing that you are the seed of the evolution to come.

By engaging in this step of the process you will begin to create a new container, one that does not yet exist, for your future.

Step IV

Take out your list of Wouldn’t it be awesome if, Wouldn’t it be helpful if, Wouldn’t if feel great if, and Wouldn’t it be just right if statements.  Yes, the 40, as in the number of  years biblical Moses led the Israelites through the desert to freedom.

These 40 statements represent your freedom pathways – which will you choose?

  • Which feels right to you? Which do you like the most? – put a check mark next to the ones that appeal to you on an emotional level
  • Which identify a new wish or understanding? – put a check mark next to the ones that make sense for you
  • Which would make your place in the world better?  – mark those
  • Which truly align with what is the most important thing for you? – give those a nod as well.

Yes, there can be overlaps and singletons, it doesn’t matter at this point. What does matter is that you can narrow down your options of the moment in ways that are relevant to you now.  Some people find it helpful to let go of the should’s, could’s and would’s mentality and focus instead on their mights and likes.

With your narrowed down list ask these questions for each option

  1. Are you the one who can do something about this?  Is the ball in your court to make a difference?
  2. Are you open to fully committing to seeing this through, being accountable for its success?
  3. Are you the final decision maker on this option?
  4. On a scale of 1 – 10 where 1 means very little and 10 means a great deal, how would you rate your interest in pursing this option?
  5. Finally, put an I next to the one or ones that you’d really like to s-t-r-e-t-c-h your imagination for, the one or one’s that are worth the extra effort.

As you’ve guessed it, this is an analytical and values decision-making time.  Use both aspects if you can – heart and mind, brain and soul.  Because at the end of your process today you will have one and only one option for moving forward upon for now.  Do the work, let one emerge.  Choose the best option that you can commit to and can assure results.

Ready?  Go.

When you finish, go wash the dishes or something, walk away from it, let it sit on its own for a while.  Before you go to sleep tonight, ask for a dream about a successful resolution – and make sure to write it down when you wake in the morning.

Next post will take you deeper to arouse your curiosity and help you understand what this is really all about. 🙂

Happy WCIW, day 4.

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