Why is creative imagination important?

“The decades just ahead promise to present situations that require us to make plans, form judgments, and respond to threats – quite possibly including severe threats to the whole evolutionary enterprise of which we are a part. We are stepping out onto a wider stage than the human species has ever occupied or imagined before, forming a new sense of our place in the universe and – whether we want it or not – of our responsibility on Earth. This transition isn’t merely out there somewhere in the realm of a possible future; all the pieces of it are already present, confronting us and making their demands on us. And we have every reason to be absolutely terrified by that prospect.

Are we up to it? it’s quite possible that we aren’t – that Homo sapiens, sapient or not, simply isn’t far enough down from the trees and out of the caves to handle an evolutionary challenge of such monumental difficulty and complexity. I believe we are up to it, but of course I can’t prove that – only time will, if it does If we do succeed, we won’t simply owe it to our scientific and technological achievements – although they will certainly play a major part — but because we have successfully advanced our capacities to function at appropriate levels of cognitive and emotional development.”

The heart felt creative imagination. 
Page 7. We the Planet:Notes on an Unfinished Story. Chapter 11. Still looking for the author’s name. Walt somebody. 

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