Strategy Nov 2010 p.33 Creativityland client PHD wins Media Gold and Media Agency of the Year! Click to read.

Marci’s popular keynote, Language to Leverage Creative Thinking, done as a Webinar. Here’s a clip.


Best Health Jan/Feb 2009 p.45-47 Marci's expertise sought for a quiz linking personality style with fashion style. Click to read.

Marci on Imagination, a keynote at Pfizer Consumer Health town hall meeting for World Creativity and Innovation Week April 15 – 21, 2006

Innovation Tools Interview with Michelle James, March, 2010
Creativity is an essential change management tool for effective leaders, says Marci Segal

Globe and Mail, Report on Business, Feb 2010 Workplace Creativity Shrivels on the Vine

Igniting Imagination Blog Talk Radio with Host Nellie Jacobs
Optimizing Your Creativity
Meet WCIW co-founder Marci Segal: Let’s Keep the Conversation Going
Creativity & Innovation in Our Homes, Schools & Workplaces part 1
Creativity & Innovation in Our Homes, Schools & Workplaces part 2

FavCrafts Blog Talk Radio with host Tiffany Windsor
Linda Peterson | Sharyn Sowell | Marci Segal | Heidi Borchers

International Center for Studies in Creativity presents a forum on Cultural Connections and International Work: Panel discussion hosted by Dr. Susan Keller-Mathers
Part 1: Creativity around the World Introduction begins at 3:40, the birth of World Creativity and Innovation Week April 15 – 21
Part 2: What are alumni doing with creativity in their professions and endeavors? Beginning at 6:39
Part 3 How do you get permission to use your brain? Beginning at 4:41
Part 4: What change do you see for your clients through your work? Beginning at 5:55
Part 5: What are the differences in teaching, and the value of creativity in various cultures? Beginning at 4:50
Part 6: How does society need to be involved in creativity and innovation so that we are prepared after a recession? Beginning at 1:05

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