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Where does the future come from?

Do the decisions you make today influence how your future unfolds?  What if the future you look forward to is different from the one that occurs? How might you prepare? I am reading The Lights in the Tunnel by Martin … Continue reading

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Being right, being wrong. Does it affect creativity?

Recent excerpts a Slate’s The Wrong Stuff interview with Harville Hendrix on the state of “being right” led me to consider ways in which emotions may affect people’s consideration of new idea and making new decisions.  The bolding and italics … Continue reading

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Go with the flow – does it mean the same to everyone?

It’s common for Creativity Professionals to encourage clients to go with the flow to allow for new ideas and new decisions to emerge that will help create exciting new futures. And then I thought: What flow are you asking them … Continue reading

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Creative Process Map – the truth inside the experience

Many creative processes are represented in simple ways (see Which Creative Problem Solving Model do you use). This map by Viruscomix shows more of the life inside the experience, including the self-doubt, the rework, the critics, etc. To see a … Continue reading

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Whoever said experimentation couldn’t be fun?

Oh the fun of inventing! Watch what happens when a group tries out their invention of the world largest skateboard on for size. Wouldn’t it be great if everyone who did their best, and failed, laughed at what happened and … Continue reading

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Selling New Ideas – Getting ready

It’s a myth that people aren’t open to new ideas. They are, as long as they can see the benefit of what you are proposing. Just because you see the value of the suggestion doesn’t mean others will if you … Continue reading

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Grokking in fullness: the new empathy

As more and more people are experiencing dramatic shifts in their lives and businesses, and among friends, colleagues, family, I’m quick to respond using the phrase “I grok you in fullness” meaning, “I got it”, when they tell me or … Continue reading

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