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Some snippets about the brain… and how we’re using it

Related Articles This Is Your Brain, This Is Your Brain On Internet (techcrunch.com) Loved this video – made the covert (what I’m unaware of) overt (obvious).  No wonder times are so different now than before. Staying Sharp: The Surprising Power … Continue reading

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Brains, dopamine and gadgets: are faciliation and leadership practices changing?

Great insight into what’s happening to our wired techno-addicted brains from NPR’s program, Fresh Air, describing findings from New York Times technology and telecommunications reporter Matt Richtel. The findings triggered my thinking: is the dopamine squirt that accompanies the immediate … Continue reading

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Male and female creativity, is there a difference?

Let’s get real, okay?  There is a difference between female and male creativity. One is not better than the other. Both are valuable, both are worthy. Both men and women have new ideas and make new decisions, and they do … Continue reading

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