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Creativity essential for working through crisis and employee engagement

There’s proof (aka research) that supports creativity as a positive influencer on employee engagement. Researcher Dr. Mark Batey of the Manchester Business School says creativity is definitely needed in working through crises (from People Management Blog, April 8, 2011 by … Continue reading

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Leadership watchouts – cues for your self assessment

If you feel like things are falling-apart rest assured that this state always precedes things-coming-together, and in a different and often better way. New ideas, new decisions, that’s what creativity is all about. Nile Gardiner, a Washington-based foreign affairs analyst … Continue reading

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Whose creativity is a priority at a creativity conference?

Conference Fran is at a waterfront hotel at a conference promising to show people how to create, innovate and lead change, one she’s attended annually for more than half of her life when spring reveals summer’s promise. Creativity and innovation … Continue reading

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Selling New Ideas – Getting ready

It’s a myth that people aren’t open to new ideas. They are, as long as they can see the benefit of what you are proposing. Just because you see the value of the suggestion doesn’t mean others will if you … Continue reading

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Authentic Workplaces for Creativity

Is your workplace authentically creative?  How can you tell? People ask why organizations resist creativity and I’m thinking it’s because they don’t know how to embrace it. Many people in organizations are unaware of the behaviours, actions, and leadership required … Continue reading

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Grokking in fullness: the new empathy

As more and more people are experiencing dramatic shifts in their lives and businesses, and among friends, colleagues, family, I’m quick to respond using the phrase “I grok you in fullness” meaning, “I got it”, when they tell me or … Continue reading

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Organizations don’t need creative leaders, they need ways to channel creativity

Innosight Venture’s Scott Anthony comments on the recent IBM CEO study in a Harvard Business Review blog post, “Are You Tapping Your Creativity Capacity?” He says it’s not about the leader’s creativity, it’s about the organizational support for creativity, creative … Continue reading

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