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How to Overcome Three Threats to Creativity – from Teresa Amabile

Teresa Amabile from Harvard Business School is one of my favourite creativity researchers ever since her 1982 book, The Social Psychology of Creativity was published.She introduced the intrinsic theory of motivation for creativity – that creativity is supported more when … Continue reading

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Elitism in Creative Class literature. Help or hinder creativity?

The Martin Prosperity Institute is redefining society into three classes: Creative, Service and Working.  This graphic shows their percentage representation in Toronto. Their classification does not support the notion that all people have creative ability or are creative. This troubles … Continue reading

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Want to inspire children’s creativity? Read this.

Culture shift time. When I was growing up creativity was considered bad manners unless it was in the arts or sciences.  That’s changed.  Now we want children to embrace their creativity and expect teachers to nurture students’ capacity to generate … Continue reading

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Male and female creativity, is there a difference?

Let’s get real, okay?  There is a difference between female and male creativity. One is not better than the other. Both are valuable, both are worthy. Both men and women have new ideas and make new decisions, and they do … Continue reading

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