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Being right, being wrong. Does it affect creativity?

Recent excerpts a Slate’s The Wrong Stuff interview with Harville Hendrix on the state of “being right” led me to consider ways in which emotions may affect people’s consideration of new idea and making new decisions.  The bolding and italics … Continue reading

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Go with the flow – does it mean the same to everyone?

It’s common for Creativity Professionals to encourage clients to go with the flow to allow for new ideas and new decisions to emerge that will help create exciting new futures. And then I thought: What flow are you asking them … Continue reading

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What’s in your future?

The Greek philosopher Heraclitus once wrote that nothing is certain except change. In the last two decades we have been forced to acknowledge this ancient truth, for many of our time- honoured and reliable religious, economic and social structures and … Continue reading

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Do incentives work to motivate creativity? Dan Pink says no.

Are you a manager or leader for innovation? Pay heed. The world of working is changing in another brand new way. Dan Pink provides researched evidence that shows incentives demotivate rather than encourage new thinking. So, how might you engage … Continue reading

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Breaking habits – Thomas Jefferson’s example

Habits take an effort to overcome, and when they are, they can influence the future. Scientists at the United States Library of Congress have revealed the moment when Thomas Jefferson altered the Declaration of Independence to set the course of … Continue reading

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Columbia management professor sees light in dark moods for creativity

Modupe Akinola, management professor at the Columbia Business School, has a particular interest in the effect of moods on creativity.  Her research shows that negative moods have a positive effect on artistic creativity. Would such be the same for creativity … Continue reading

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Boost Creativity: 7 Unusual Psychological Techniques

Here’s an example of using intellect to unleash instinct for new ideas and new decisions. Looking for the last piece of the puzzle? Try these 7 research-based techniques for increasing creativity. Everyone is creative: we can all innovate. via Boost … Continue reading

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Creativity and Innovation: Instinct and Intellect

Too many people continue to confuse creativity with innovation, and that muddies up the work.  Teresa Amabile from Harvard University has simplified these understandings.  Briefly, she says that creativity is the idea and innovation is the idea in action. Others … Continue reading

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