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Key to Creativity: Reduced latent inhibition

Creative inspiration is more likely to occur when people allow themselves to become vulnerable to the new ideas says Psychologist Dean Simonton, interviewed on CBC’s Ideas Program, the Idea of Genius. Creative ideas emerge when people can reduce their latent … Continue reading

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Creativity Professionals: What’s our limit?

After viewing the clip below, I started to wonder if Creativity Professionals have a duty to influence clients’ decision making with regards to the new ideas they choose from which to create new futures. If creativity is about using new … Continue reading

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Someone or someplace has already solved your problem… insights into TRIZ

…or one very similar, writes Ellen Domb, founding editor of the TRIZ-Journal.  “Creativity is finding that solution and modifying it to fit your circumstances.” “Don’t accept compromises,” she insists, “remove the source of the problem.” Ellen and I, as well … Continue reading

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Cave drawings engage people in meetings – visual thinking

Want more creative thinking at your meetings?  Go tribal. Yes, not only are we moving towards using music to enliven meetings to create new ideas and new decisions, we are also returning to the wisdom our ancestors to use pictures … Continue reading

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A new six-level creative thinking outline for innovation

Context for Creativity and Innovation There are many different definitions of creativity: novelty that is useful is the one used by many Creativity Professionals. I like to take that understanding a little deeper to help clients appreciate that each person … Continue reading

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