Marci’s most requested keynote and conference presentations – they inspire audiences and focus on the human dimensions of innovation

  • Creativity for the Rest of Us
  • Language and Leverage for Creative Thinking
  • Creativity, What’s Style Got to do with it?
  • Managing Client Expectations of Innovation

creativityland inc is an innovation and creativity consulting and training company providing human dimensions of innovation and creative-thinking consulting services, training and products, methodology and related services, conference presentations and keynotes, and senior course designers, trainers, facilitators and consultants specializing in creative thinking and problem solving, innovation and personality styles.

Our leadership and team enhancement programs provide practical concepts, tools and techniques you can apply immediately to see positive and substantive results.

  • Passport to Innovation® (fyi: this program jettisoned PHD Canada into the world media agency limelight)
  • Harnessing Imagination through Creative Problem Solving
  • Idea Generating Readiness®
  • Human Dimensions of Innovation: focus on personality styles motivation, interaction, creative contribution, communication and achieving  results

Contact marci at for further information

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