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Buy, Use, Toss? | Free Science Social Studies Curriculum | Facing the Future |

Even if you are not an educator, take a look at the free curriculum to spark your creativity – to get new ideas and make new decisions you can use to help shape an innovate to support a sustainable future. … Continue reading

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Top 10 Innovation Challenges for 2020

Presentation from the recent International Society for Professional Innovation Managers in Hamburg, Germany earlier this month. Related articles The Top 10 Innovation Challenges for 2020 (

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What’s the big deal about creativity?

Let’s face it, people use their creativity everyday, even you.  You create mash-ups, make new decisions, use your imagination, combine existing elements into new patterns and relationships and more, and not necessarily because you want to. As conditions continue to … Continue reading

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Innovation powerpoints from OVO innovation

Paul Hobcraft (agilityinnovation) and Jeffrey Phillips (OVO innovation) outline five critical innovation areas in this Slideshare presentation.  They have done a remarkable job simplifying innovation outlooks for consideration.  Truly appreciate their work.   Make sure to check their other ones … Continue reading

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Does it matter what the rules are? They’ll change.

“The Canadian Government does not wish to be held accountable”, said CBC Radio One’s The Current’s Anna Maria Tremonti, moderator of Access Denied panel at Toronto’s Now Lounge on Church, May 10, 2011.  She was joined by expert panelists Ottawa … Continue reading

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Creativity: Next step (IV) World Creativity and Innovation Week Personal project

It’s day 4 of World Creativity and Innovation Week 2011.  Have you seen all the events we know about that are happening all over the planet? You’ll see large and small, individual and group.  Some are free.  Great variety, no? … Continue reading

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Are older folk getting in the way of our younger leaders? FourSight insights

United Way Toronto has a CITY Leader program which provides young adults with the practical knowledge and tools to become effective leaders, navigators and connectors in Toronto’s non-profit communities. Last weekend I helped them to get to know how to … Continue reading

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New ideas rejected due to time-zone lag, a quick fix.

Have you ever experienced jet lag? Jet lag occurs because your body’s cycle, it’s circadian rhythm, is thrown off course.  You experience daylight and darkness at different times than what you are used to and this disrupts your natural times … Continue reading

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Going to London UK? Augmented reality app to time travel while you are there

Augmented reality is coming to a tube station near you. Imagine the ideation sessions you can have while on a tour of the city!  New ideas, new decisions – here’s proof of a doorway opening for exciting new futures. What … Continue reading

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