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Creativity Conference post-post script: Children’s manifesto

This manifesto was read at the closing ceremony, with a reminder that it applies to us all. It’s author was a noted and revered researcher in creativity who developed an education method to integrate teaching creativity and course content simultaneously … Continue reading

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Creativity conference post-script

Just off the phone with a colleague congratulating me for objectively reporting some aspects of my experience during the past week. Other emails, tweets and Facebook messages are saying the same thing. “It’s one of things I do well,” I … Continue reading

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How a creativity conference closes tells all

A creativity conference Imagine spending a week learning how to create, innovate and lead change at a conference with others from all over the world.  You attend a grand opening session, whetting your appetite, inspiring you to consider new thinking … Continue reading

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Whose creativity is a priority at a creativity conference?

Conference Fran is at a waterfront hotel at a conference promising to show people how to create, innovate and lead change, one she’s attended annually for more than half of her life when spring reveals summer’s promise. Creativity and innovation … Continue reading

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